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Strategic Advisory Board

Nanette Black PHD
(Academy of Management))
Robert Radin
(Retired President American Express )
Julian Kaufman
Sr. Executive AIG)
Reg Gabriel
(CEO SKoolAide, Inc.)
John Campbell
(EVP Harley-Davidson )

John Staines
SVP Liberty Medical


Our collective experiences tell us that successful change happens most often:

  • When it is built from the bottom up.
  • When the change process is targeted at the unit, division, or plant levels.
  • Driven in large part by the GM.
  • Where the CEO and C-Suite create, endorse and support the new or future enterprise wide climate.
  • When the leadership at all levels realize that merely changing structures, systems, and organization charts as their first strategy is flat out wrong. This easy way out phenomenon does nothing but alienate the critical mass and increase fear.
  • Where critical, open, honest, powerful conversations are the first step towards winning.
  • Root causes not symptoms drive the imperative to act.
  • Seamless execution is the norm.

Most of our work with leadership teams starts with these two core processes:

THE CHANGE PROFILE (Our Signature Work)

This inclusive by-design process diagnosis allows the senior team of your enterprise to RAPIDLY develop:

  1. An accurate and grounded understanding of the barriers to implementing any business strategy that involves changing attitudes, behaviors, and skill of large numbers of people.
  2. An understanding of how their functioning as a top team is helping or hindering the organization from implementing its strategy.
  3. A tightly integrated agenda of initiatives to address barriers and improve top team effectiveness.
  4. The broad organizational understanding and commitment needed to successfully implement this agenda
  5. A structure and process for managing a demand related organization transformation.


This highly productive facilitation-led process is specifically designed to engage the team about controversial issues such as roles, responsibilities and interdependencies, This is time well spent in that the majority of silent killers and mis-steps steps in companies begin with the lack of focus on these three areas. The powerful conversations that are part of the design seem to breakdown any barriers to team or unit effectiveness very quickly.

  • "Turned-on people do turned-on work... Sacred trust is the fuel that powers turned-on people."
    - Tom Peters
  • "Don’t let your ego get too close to your position so that if your position gets shut down your ego doesn't go with it.”
    - Colin Powell
  • "It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot harder to make a difference."
    - Tom Brokaw
  • "Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done."
    - Peter Drucker
  • "The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say 'Thank You.' In between the leader is a servant."
    - Max Dupree
What's New at CEG

CEG CEO Tony DaDante awarded board seat  at prestigious Global Cyber Forensics Investigation firm "DIGITS". DIGITS Chairman Michael McCartney comments that "the synergies between our firm and The Change Execution Group have proven themselves quite favorably.  Tony's work in designing our Strategic plan and brand along with his relentless focus on Talent coupled with the fact that we share numerous public and private customers, will position us well in leveraging Tony's worldwide reputation as a role up his sleeves, get things done leader, in the Global marketplace."
Former IBM Executive and recently appointed SKoolAide CEO, Reg Gabriel, has selected CEG to lead and facilitate the Strategic Advisory Forum in Boston. SKoolAide is one of the nations leading technology portal companies dedicated to serving students, teachers, school administrators and public and private service providers in the Higher Education Business space.
Ceg CEO Tony DaDante to  speak at Society of Food Service  Global Convention.
Attend 'Best of Organizational Development Summit' and hear Tony DaDante speak.
Boston College MBA Organization Studies Chairperson Dr. Judith Gordon engages Tony DaDante CEO of the Change Execution Group to teach Advanced Leadership courses.
CEG completes  M&A integration project with Eurest Services and Kimco Corporation of Chicago.
CEG Executive search arm fills key roles in Compass-Shell Oil partnership. 
CEG signs long term contract with BP as a preferred supplier to implement "The Making it Better" culture transformation process and to deliver a Formal Executive Education series of courses to its vendor partners CBRE, Jacobs Engineering, Compass, Eurest and Allied Barton.
Global Change Project continues in Asia at Applied Materials a world wide leader in Nano technology in it's Solar Business (AMAT).
CEG sponsors LPGA GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP in Orlando at the Grand Cypress Resort. Tony DaDante and LPGA players team up to raise funds for Breast Cancer research. Watch Golf Channel interview with CEG executives and Golf Legends

UPDATE....   CEG led team wins LPGA Pro Am that highlights Hall of Famer Julie Inkster and Samantha Marks and Sammi Lee both of whom are Junior Girls golf phenoms. Thank you to all who contributed to the Breast Cancer cure cause. 
CEG in talks with Dr.Steven Lower and distinguished leader Anthony Riccio to develop a "Making it Better"   Global Help network.
BP reports record performance after implementing the Change Execution's Group  " Making it Better" culture transformation process utilizing the John Kotter 8 step Leading Change Model.  Record results are highlighted in Safety ,Operational, Financial metrics.
CEG will be announcing Culture Change and Executive coaching partnerships with several Fortune 500 clients in near future. CEO Tony DaDante shared during a recent interview on  CNBC Squawk Box  that Global leaders are becoming increasingly dismayed at the lack of transparency and culture of fear that has been accepted as simply the cost of doing business.
CEG WINS third consecutive BP contract for its high profile Brightlights project.
CEG completes executive search project with Compass Food Group and Eurest Services in Chicagoland. Shalini Gupta selected to lead high profile "Making it Better" change process for BP.
CEG CEO Tony DaDante and a group of  his Global clients publish video on FAST CULTURE CHANGE and LEADERSHIP. To view go to "CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES" on the CEG website.
CEG awarded Leadership Development contract for Integrated business partnership consisting of BP, CBRE, Jacobs Engineering, Compass Services, Food for Thought, and Allied Barton.
CEG awarded contract by BP to design and implement a High Performance High Touch customer service brand at its flagship Brightlights business.
CEG begins production of the "Cool Friends in the Trenches" leadership documentary. Some 50 global leaders from companies of all sizes and shapes will be interviewed on the subjects of Leadership, Change and Talent. Each interview will be available to view on the CEG site.

To date the following High profile leaders have been interviewed:

1. Dan Dipofi- Owner of NHL Hockey Franchise
2. Steve Barnett and Dave Spataro , Compass Group Executives
3. Alex Darraugh- CBRE executive
4. Kevin Harris - BP executive
5. Cherie Duddridge- BP executive
6. Debbie Reimer- Crothall Food Service Executive
7.  Scheduled to be interviewed this month VP Biden, Julian Kaufman ( AIG) Alan Kaye( Mattel), Michael Burgin ( Secret Service), Tom Peters, George McNeilly (ESPN) Jeff Regner ( Harley- Davidson) Jack and Suzy Welch . 
CEG partners with Mark Bingaman, SVP Supply Chain of Ultra Clean Technology, on Strategic change and Global Talent management projects. UCT is the globally recognized leader in the outsource solution business for complex modules ranging from liquid and gas delivery systems to turnkey system integration. CEG has begun work at the Austin, Texas campus.

“I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of hiring and utilizing Tony DaDante and the Change Execution Group to work with a CBRE-lead team for our client BP. I manage a very large and complex service organization that handles numerous outsourced solution's for BP which include multiple partnering companies, a unionized and professional workforce along with a very temperamental scientific community of researchers . We hired Tony to help integrate the many company cultures involved in this business into one BP CENTRIC WORK SYSTEM. Tony led us down a transformational path that started with solid analytical data collection and immediately engaged the workforce and the leadership teams of all these company's in addressing the UNDISCUSSABLES that were inhibiting our business performance. Our executives view Tony's rigor and search for excellence as paramount in the overall global change effort. Tony is an outstanding leader, business partner and now trusted friend. He consistently takes on the most demanding, complex global change challenges and delivers successfully time after time. Tony has conceived and implemented an amazingly diverse range of innovative change vehicles, leadership events and disciplined programs to address our clients' varied needs. He possesses the curiosity to explore, experiment with and productively apply new technologies for engaging various audiences. Keys to Tony's remarkable effectiveness include: his drive to ensure he understands clients' requirements and expectations; his ability to align, orchestrate and motivate staff and other necessary resources; as well an unrelenting work ethic, strong personal accountability and commitment to my organizations success and satisfaction. Beyond his technical expertise, resourcefulness and execution skills, one could not ask for a finer, smart and provocative change leader. Tony generously gives of his own time, sets aside his own priorities to help others succeed and follows-through to support everyone around him. Tony is completely trustworthy and displays an extraordinary depth of concern for our complex priorities and the well-being of the numerous types of employees from the C-suite to the union shop floor. I recommend Tony without reservation and will be delighted to speak further with anyone about him”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Christy Sahler, hired Tony as a Organizational Behavior Consulting
Today CEG CEO Tony DaDante led a Strategic Team Development process at Shell Oil Headquarters in Houston. Tony worked in concert the Strategic Advisory Group from Compass Services and Johnson Controls and some thirty  five executives from each of the companies. Another session is planned.